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Rules instruction

1.“Savings Benefits Center” is a benefit product launched by AAX, users can obtain the corresponding rewards by just subscribing to the designated tokens’ savings.
2.Once subscribed to savings products, users can't redeem early. Once expired, the principal and interest will be automatically returned to the user's savings account.
3.Users’ savings records and expiration date can be viewed at ”Participated” or “Savings-My savings products”.
4.When the rewards are “Savings Hike Coupons/Futures Bonus/Fee Coupons”, users can refer to Card&Coupon Center for usage rules.
5.When the prize is "Share the prize pool", the total participation amount must reach the opening threshold of the prize pool before the prize will be paid. Users can subscribe to multiple savings products in the activity to complete the threshold amount to obtain bonus points. Users can still subscribe to the savings product after obtaining bonus points. The total amount of your final subscription = the actual value of your subscribed product (USDT) * bonus points. When the prize is rewarded, you can share the prize pool tokens according to your coefficient of total final subscribed amount/project total subscribed amount.
Note: If the total subscribed amount of the prize pool does not reach the draw threshold, the prize pool will be lost; After completing the threshold amount, users need to manually collect the bonus points before they can participate in the final prize pool sharing, otherwise they can not share the prize pool.
For example: the current prize pool is 10,000 USDT, and by the end of the event, a total value of 100,000 USDT will be shared. User A subscribes to a 5,000 USDT worth of fixed saving with a bonus coefficient of 1.2 and a 6,000 USDT worth of fixed saving with a bonus coefficient of 1.5. Then the bonus that User A can share from the prize pool is (5,000*1.2+6,000*1.5)/100,000 (sum savings value * bonus points) * 10,000=1,500 USDT.
6.After meeting the participation amount, each coupon and point can only be collected once; You can get a higher proportion in the prize pool and share more rewards by subscribing more after receiving your reward points.
7.All the prizes of “Savings Benefits Center” are additional gifts from AAX, and AAX does not make any intervention or commitment to the price, token secondary markets, etc.
8.AAX reserves all rights to this announcement, including but not limited to adjustment, interpretation and termination at any time without prior notice.