Redeem points for blind boxes, enjoy up to 1,000 USDT rewards!

Invite friends to do tasks and earn points! The more points you earn, the higher the level of blind boxes you can redeem, and the more rewards you can get!

4 High-Rebate Rewards

Invite friends to complete the transaction or fixed savings or participate in the game, you can get the corresponding rebate rewards!
My rebates
Spot trading rebate ratio
Futures trading rebate ratio
Fixed savings rebate ratio
Participate in the game rebate ratio
Apply to become an AAX Global Ambassador to increase the rebate rate to 60%

Invitation rewards leaderboard

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Cumulative Invitation Rewards (USDT)


1. When points are redeemed for blind boxes, what is the reward?

2. How to get points?

3. When will the blind box rewards arrive?

4. What are 4 high-rebate rewards?

5. When will the commission rebate arrive?

6. Other instructions