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Save your cryptos in high-interest accounts and earn while you sleep.

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funding account is a sub-account on AAX created for wealth management purposes. It is differentiated from other sub-accounts on AAX (spot, futures, and cash account) that serve other purposes.
Staking is an on-chain activity that uses the Proof-of-Stake protocol and with transactions done “on the blockchain”. There is higher security when the transactions are done on the chain to avoid alteration following verification on the network. Savings is a form of staking in which you will need to “lend” your funds to the exchange in return for rewards.
Each coin offers anywhere from 4% annual percentage yield (APY) to 20% APY. There are also limited-time-only offers, which can go as high as 60% APY.
The system will begin calculating your fixed savings earnings on a T+1 basis or 1 day following the subscription date. However, you can only redeem the earnings after the subscription period expires.
Meanwhile, calculation of earnings for flexible savings accrue immediately with a minimum duration of 1 minute. The earnings will be distributed to your funding account from 00: 00-00: 30 UTC of the next day.
Your earnings will be released to your funding account 00:00 - 00:30 UTC the next day. The accuracy of the distribution is up to 8 decimal places, which means if you earned 1.123456789 AAB, then 1.12345678 AAB will reflect on your account.
There are no fees in subscribing and topping up your Savings account. Coins have varying fees when it comes to withdrawal services, which you may find here.
Price volatility is one of the biggest risks in subscribing your crypto. If the coin’s value drops significantly, you may suffer a loss or break even with the interest you earned. There are ways to minimize risks, such as diversifying your investment, or subscribing to flexible or shorter savings products.
AAX is Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS)-compliant, a universally recognized benchmark for crypto platform security. It also built a proprietary multi-currency wallet system, which is multi-signature and with no single point of failure. Majority of digital assets on the exchange are held in cold storage or secure offline storage facilities as an added protection from cyber attacks. In addition, there are measures in place to protect users accounts such as two-factor authentication.
Yes, placing a fraction of your crypto in an AAX funding account and subscribing to any of its savings products is a sure way to earn more crypto. It requires little technical knowledge and maintenance, and you can earn even while you sleep.
You can check our list of cryptocurrencies with the highest APY for better earning potential. We are actively offering promotions that give as high as 80% APY on AAX Savings.
Earn interest while you sleep