Beginner's guide
to cryptocurrency.

Learn how to open an account, buy or trade crypto, and earn passively on AAX. This is your ultimate guide to starting your crypto journey.

How to set up an account

Welcome to AAX! It's time to create an account and start your cryptocurrency journey.

Open an account on AAX in 5 easy steps

Visit the AAX website sign up page, or download the AAX app from Google Play Store or from App Store and register from the app.
Sign up using either your email address or your mobile number.
Create a strong password and enter a referral code (if applicable)
Understand and agree to the AAX Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.
Click “Sign Up”
Sign up
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Secure your AAX account

Complete KYC before buying or trading crypto

How to buy your first crypto

After funding your cash account, you can now buy your first crypto! You can choose from 100+ coins, including Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, and USDT. Over 20 currencies are accepted as payment.

Buy your first crypto on AAX

Quick Buy is an all-in-one platform that allows you to buy crypto:
Directly from AAX (your cash account must have available funds)
Through payment partners like Coinify, Epay, Itez, Mercuryo, Xanpool, and Advcash which support debit and credit card payments.
From Verified Merchants (P2P Trading)
How to buy crypto?
On the Quick Buy and Sell page, enter the amount you want to buy and the currency
Select the coin you want to buy
Click “Buy Now”
Select from the list of merchants and payment partners
Continue with the steps provided per method to place an order
Buy crypto now

Buy crypto with credit card

Tap on “Buy Crypto” on the app, then choose “Quick Buy and Sell”.
Tell us how much you want to spend in your local currency.
Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
Then, choose a payment gateway. Our payment partners like Itez and Mercuryo support purchasing crypto using Visa and MasterCard.
Lastly, tap on “Place Order”. You will be led to continue and complete the process with the third-party merchant.
Buy crypto now

Buy crypto with cash

Make quicker financial decisions by depositing cash. You can later use it to instantly buy crypto.
Tap “Deposit” on the AAX app and then choose “Deposit Cash”.
Select the currency (choose from 20+ currencies)
Select the payment gateway you want to use. This is an external wallet or an external source of funding, like ePay. You will need to have an account and existing funds in your chosen payment gateway before you can transfer money to AAX.
After choosing the gateway, you will be led to their website to complete the cash deposit.
To check if your funds have been successfully transferred, tap on “Assets” on the main menu of the app, then choose “Cash”. Once your cash account is funded, just go to “Quick Buy” and proceed with buying crypto using cash.
I want to deposit cash

Deposit crypto from an external wallet or exchange

You can deposit or transfer crypto from an external wallet or another exchange.
Follow the steps below to create a deposit address in AAX, which you will need when initiating a transfer from an external wallet.
On the AAX app, tap on “Deposit”
Select the crypto you want to transfer.
Then, select a transfer network. Each coin has one or more transfer networks that you can choose from. Just remember to select the same transfer network indicated in your external wallet.
Selecting a transfer network will automatically create a deposit address.
Use the generated deposit address as the recipient when initiating a transfer in the external wallet.
Your transferred funds will reflect in your spot account balance.
Before confirming your transfer, make sure to select the correct coin and deposit address, and follow the required minimum deposit.
I want to deposit crypto

How to earn interest on your crypto holdings

As a beginner in crypto, investing in one or two coins and holding them in anticipation that their value will increase over time is a practical entry point. AAX Savings and AAX DeFi Yield Aggregator can increase your investment returns through a simple subscription-based model.

High-yield earnings on AAX Savings

AAX Savings is a great way for you to earn more crypto while holding. All you need to do is to subscribe some of your savings funds to a particular savings product (e.g. Bitcoin fixed savings, AAB flexible savings) and start earning!
There are two savings products to choose from: Flexible Savings and Fixed Savings.
How can you earn here? Let's say you currently hold some Bitcoin in your spot account. It's idle—you're not using it to trade right now because the value is at its all-time high, or for some other reason.
Other than waiting for Bitcoin to increase in value, you can subscribe the coins to fixed or flexible savings.
You can subscribe your idle Bitcoin to flexible savings to earn passively and redeem your earnings any time. Or you can subscribe the Bitcoin to fixed savings and choose to lock it in for 7, 14, 30, or 90 days to get higher-than-market interest rates.
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Simple investing through AAX DeFi Yield Aggregator

Investing in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects is one of the other ways to earn more from your cryptocurrencies.
While participating in DeFi requires technical knowledge, AAX has made a way to provide a beginner-friendly platform that requires no prior experience. It works just like AAX Savings — just subscribe your crypto and you'll start earning, even while you sleep.
Apart from the quick and easy process of investing, it also requires no maintenance and $0 gas fees.
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How to trade crypto for beginners

Crypto trading is highly speculative but is a also a highly rewarding venture. Spot and futures trading are risky endeavors and requires technical knowledge. Once you are familiar with the components of trading, you can return here to see how to place orders on AAX.
Spot trading crypto: How to place an order
Through spot trading, you can trade cryptocurrencies and receive it in your spot account, real-time.
For example
You currently hold 100 USDT in your spot account. You can trade some or all of your USDT on the spot market to get Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange. A small transaction fee applies.
Your spot account also holds the cryptocurrency you bought using fiat or cash methods. You can keep crypto on your spot account to:
AAX offers 100+ trading pairs and continuously lists coins to serve you better.

How to place a spot market order?

To place an order on the AAX app, tap on “Savings” on the quick menu or “Trade” on the bottom menu.
Find the trading pair you wish to trade. You can click the candlestick icon to review the candlestick chart of the pair before proceeding.
Select the type of order. There are two main order types you can make: a market order or a limit order.
The Market Order allows you to trade crypto at the current market price with instant delivery to your spot account.
The Limit Order Enter the amount you want to buy and confirm the order.
Enter the amount you want to buy and confirm the order.
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Futures trading crypto: How to place an order

In the futures market, instead of buying the cryptocurrency itself, you buy a contract that states how much the price of a particular crypto will rise or fall at a predetermined time. In essence, you predict the future price of the underlying asset as if you are betting on it.
You do not need to own the underlying asset or crypto of a contract to trade in the futures market.

How to place a futures market order

Select “Futures” on the bottom menu of the AAX app
Find a trading pair from either the USDT-settled or BTC-settled pairs.
You can choose to go Long if you think the price of the coin will rise or Short if you think the price will drop.
Select the order type and leverage
Enter the amount of contracts and confirm the order.
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