Newbie Guide

Grow your wealth
step-by-step with AAX

Get Your First Bitcoin Today

1Open an account with AAX

Download the AAX app or visit where you can register easily.

2Verify your ID

Upload your documents, so that we can verify your identity.

3Buy Bitcoin

Go to 'Buy Crypto' to buy Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, AliPay, etc.

Tips: If you're looking to trade actively, youcan also choose to buy a stablecoin instead (for example, USDT).

Blockchain Glossary


Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money secured by cryptography on a blockchain. Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum and AAB.


KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It refers to the obligation financial service providers have to verify the identity of customers.


HODL is 'hold' misspelled. It is simply refers to holding on to your coins as part of a long-term investment.


A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset or commodity at a predetermined price at a set time in the future.


Leverage is a way to gain more exposure in the market and potentially increase profits. The higher the leverage, the higher your risk.

Margin Call

Similar to liquidation, when your loss is equal to your collateral, you will automatically exit the market and lose your margin.