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The World’s First Digital Asset Exchange powered by LSEG Technology

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AAX Platform
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part of London Stock Exchange Group

Powered by LSEG Technology, the Backbone of Global Financial Markets

AAX powered by LSEG Technology
Proven in 40+ Regulated Markets
High-performance financial markets technology solutions for over 40 of the world’s largest trading venues.
World’s Leading Matching Engine
Matching engine offers ultra-low latency and accommodates exceptionally high throughput.
Infrastructure Stability
Recognised for nearly 100% uptime and operations across major global trading venues.
AAX powered by LSEG Technology

Your Trusted Digital Asset Exchange

The biggest issue for the digital assets market istrust
Our approach is to develop tangibleinnovative solutionsto address real-world challenges

Market Challenges
Market Manipulation
Within digital asset markets, pump and dumps, sell walls, and layering are the most common fraudulent practice.
Market and Trade Surveillance
AAX offers institutional-grade surveillance tools for analyzing, reporting and preventing abnormal trading behavior.
Trust and Compliance
Many exchanges lack operational processes to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.
Internal Control
KYC & AML compliance, segregation of duties and internal auditing, empowering you to access a protected and trustworthy market.
Lack of Customer Protection
The digital asset market lacks in-depth consumer protections and regulatory oversight.
Fair Exchange Technology
A matching algorithm proven in more than 40 regulated markets allows users to trade in a more fair and stable market.

Your Gateway to the Digital Assets Market

  • Deep Liquidity
    Market access to deep liquidity
  • Fast Execution
    Execute your orders with ultra-low latency
AAX Atom Asset Exchange Spot
  • 1,000,000*
    orders per second
    One of the highest throughput exchanges in the market today
  • 0.0001*
    seconds latency
    One of the fastest matching engines in the world
  • 99.999%*
    Global standard for world’s leading financial institutions
*Reflects capabilities of the platform in development
  • Ultra-Low Latency Trading
    Benefit from ultra-low latency and exceptionally high throughput proven in more than 40+ regulated markets.
  • Fast Execution & Deep Liquidity
    FIX API Connectivity and MITCH protocol powered by LSEG Technology.
  • Transparency
    A fair liquidation mechanism and policy, fostering true price discovery.
AAX Atom Asset Exchange Futures

Ultra-Low Latency Trading

Fast Execution & Deep Liquidity


Ultra-High Leverage

Industry-Leading Prices

No Expiry

  • Ultra-High Leverage
    Trade digital assets with up to 100X leverage.
  • Industry-Leading Prices
    Our volume-based pricing means you can trade futures for as little as USD 1 per lot.
  • No Expiry
    Traders are never forced out of their position because of any expiration.
AAX Atom Asset Exchange OTC
Integrated Account
Access all trading services with one account.
Fast Settlement
Seamless transaction with a near instant settlement.
Low Fees
The more you transact, the more you save.

An Innovative and Reliable Experience for All

AAX Platform
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Fast Track Verification
  • Industry Leading API
  • Colocation Services
  • FIX and MITCH Protocol
  • Fast Execution & Deep Liquidity

Trust and Security at Every Level

  • Advanced Security Architecture

    An unprecedented level of risk assessment and continuous asset monitoring.

  • Comprehensive Security Operations

    Operational security services, including, threat and vulnerability management, asset management and protection.

  • Hardware security module (HSM)

    A tamper-resistant device to process and store cryptographic keys.

  • CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS)

    CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS), securing all information systems that make use of cryptocurrencies.

  • Regulated Custody Service

    Digital assets are stored in a secure offline storage powered by BitGo, the industry-leading custodial service.

  • Security Advisory - Kroll

Kroll is the leading global provider of risk solutions since 1972. They are a multicultural team of nearly 1,000 employees including specialists from the

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), MI6 and Interpol.

Kroll has served a variety of industries including global clientele of financial institutions, software and internet, law firms and government agencies.

Our Official Cybersecurity Risk Management Advisor

Paul Jackson

Managing Director and Asia-Pacific Leader for Kroll’s Cyber Risk Practice

Learn more about Paul
Arrived as a member of the Hong Kong Police Force in 1988. With an engineering background, Paul moves into the technology Policing area in the mid-90s when the mobile telecommunications market first opened up. Since then he has pioneered cyber-investigations and digital forensics capabilities within the HK Police, and subsequently with Interpol and JPMorgan.

Our Leadership Team

Our Diverse Team Brings a Wealth of Perspectives and Experience
  • Peter Lin


  • Michael Wong

    VP of Technology

  • Thor Chan

    VP of Product Management

  • Jack Zhou

    VP of Research & Development

  • Edward McKay

    Senior People & Culture Manager

  • Devendra Chandola

    Development Team Lead

AAX Platform
AAX is Launching soon
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