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Products that use this index


Tracking Combination

Bitstamp,Bittrex, Coinbase,Gemini,Poloniex,Itbit and Kraken

Type of Index

Composite Index

AAX's global crypto indices play an important role in facilitating investors in taking a view on the market as well as anchoring the Futures market to the underlying asset. The indices closely follow spot prices across multiple major exchanges which ensures accuracy and guards the indices from market anomalies.

For the BTCUSD trading pair,AAX tracks Bitstamp,Bittrex, Coinbase,Gemini,Poloniex,Itbit and Kraken ,and updates the price every 2 seconds.

The Index Price

Below, we have listed the historical prices for BTCUSD – on a minute by minute basis – showing only the last 100 entries. For a more extensive overview, please use the API.

日期TimeIndexPrice per minute

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