AAX P2P Merchant Application Sheet

Please provide the following materials for AAX team verifying P2P merchants.
Once verified, merchants can set up P2P ads at AAX.com or via app
The verification procedures take up to 7 days after successful submittion. You will receive a confirmation email.
You have read and agreed with AAX Terms & Conditions if you have successfully applied. Please contact our customer support if you have any further questions: cs@aax.com.
Please select yes or no

Please upload the front picture of yourself with the front side of your ID card in your hands and the document printed or written with declarations below:

My (name), (ID card) assessts sources are legal, reliable and trade bitcoins and digital assessts willingly. I have known the potential risks of digital currencies. I have the risk resistance capabilities and I am willing to burden all of the risks. Besides, I confirm all the operations of my account is operated by myself. I am legallly responsible for all the results produced from my account.

Document requirements:
Plesae make sure that all the words on the declaration are clear. Either printed or written form needs to be signed with your signature and date.
JPG and PNG are available.

Reference legend