VIP level
Trading amount (USDT) in the past 30 days
AAB Holding Amount
Maker fee rate/AAB deduction fee rate
Taker fee rate/AAB deduction fee rate


VIP Exclusive Rewards

Fee reduction
Exclusive campaigns for VIP
OTC large tansfer service
Exclusive account manager
Holiday-limited gift packs
Max limit of savings account increased
Market maker program for VIP
Exclusive API technical support team
1. AAB open interest: Total open interest of the account;
2. Transaction volume in the last 30 days will be converted to USDT based on the currency price against USDT at the time of the transaction;
3. At 0:05 (UTC) every day, the VIP level will be updated according to the volume of transactions and AAB participations in the last 30 days, while one of the two criteria can be satisfied;
4. If the account has pending orders or positions, the VIP level will not be updated. Pending orders include spot tradings and future tradings. And positions include future trading positions;
5. AAX reserves all rights to this activity, including but not limited to adjustment, interpretation and termination at any time without notice;
6. If you have any suggestions or questions about our VIP plan, please feel free to email us at