The world's first

crypto exchange powered by LSEG Technology

Trade across Spot, Futures and OTC


seamlessly integrated account

With up to 100x leverage, and no expiry.

We are the first and only
digital asset exchange

To be powered by LSEG Technology

  • 90

    ultra low latencies

  • 500

    microsecond or
    below per order
    process time

LSEG Technology, part of the London Stock Exchange Group, provides market infrastructure technology to a wide range of first-tier financial markets.

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CCSS 규준을 준수합니다

Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS)는 암호 화폐를 저장, 거래 또는 수락하는 암호 화폐 시스템을 보호하기 위해 널리 알려진 표준입니다

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