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The first and only digital asset exchange
To be powered by LSEG Technology

If you wish to trade crypto on a digital asset exchange, powered by the same matching engine used by London Stock Exchange, Oslo Stock Exchange, and Borsa Italiana.

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millennium exchange

AAX is proud to be the first and only digital asset exchange that runs on the Millennium Exchange trading platform.

The Millennium Exchange trading platform provides market-leading performance and reliability. It is part of LSEG Technology, London Stock Exchange Group's technology solutions provider.

LSEG Technology provides market infrastructure technology to a wide range of first-tier financial markets, including traditional stock exchanges, inter-dealer brokers, central securities depositories (CSDs), and with AAX now a cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange as well.

Some of Millennium Exchange's key benefits include its adaptability, as it can be configured to trade any product in any type of market - essential in a rapidly-evolving industry - and reliability coupled with scalability, due to it having been built on a rule-based, distributed, and fault-tolerant technology.

More than anything, however, the Millennium Exchange matching engine is known for its exceptional performance and is regarded as being among the world's most powerful trading software.

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An institutional-grade platform, for everyone.

At AAX, latencies as low as 90 microseconds have been recorded. With averages under 500 microseconds and most orders processed in under 800 microseconds, AAX offers a platform on a par with traditional capital markets.

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