AAX Year of the Rat Race
Trading Competition

13,000+ USD to Give Away

All Spot trading pairs and Futures trading pairs on AAX can be included in the final trading volume ranking.

Trading Volume


1st The King Trader

2nd The Lucky Lord

3rd The Daring Duke

4th – 10th The Nobles

11st – 100th The Aristocrats


3,500 USDT

1,500 USDT

900 USDT

300 USDT Each

50 USD Bonus each

In the event of traders having generated the exact same amount of trading volume, the one who has traded most frequently will be ranked higher.

Feedback Bonus
500 USD

AAX Appreciates all feedback. For the top 50 most value added and constructive comments we receive, we are distributing a total of 500 USD - 10 USD bonus each. Join our official Wechat Wechator Telegram Telegram channel to submit your feedback.