AAX Trading Competition

Trade now and win more USDT

What does it take to be a winner?

Highest Trading Volume

5,150 USDT

Generate the highest trading volume and you will be rewarded.
Are you ready for the challenge?





4th – 50th


2,000 USDT

500 USDT

300 USDT

50 USDT Each

In case traders generate the exact same volume, whoever has traded most frequently will rank higher.

Lucky Prizes

500 USDT

AAX is giving out lucky prizes to traders! Please join our official WechatWechat or Telegram Telegramchannel to learn more details.

Feedback Rewards

500 USDT

AAX appreciates all feedback. For the top 50 most value added and constructive comments we receive, we are distributing a total of 500 USDT, or 10 USDT each. Join our official Wechat Wechator Telegram Telegram channel to submit your feedback.