Terms and Conditions

AAX Tribe

This Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) of the AAX Tribe Programme is between You (“Referrer(s)” or “you” or “your”) and AAX Exchange (Malta) Limited incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Malta; and AAX Limited incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles (together “AAX” or “we” or “our”)


Accumulated Trading Volume: means an aggregate of Trades carried out by Referrer and all Active Referred Users;

Active Referred Users: refers to active AAX Users referred by Referrers that conduct at least one trade Spot or Futures trades per month;

Commission: refers to rebateon trading fees that the Referrer would be entitled to;

Order: means any instruction from a user on the AAX Platform to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ in relation to products or services available on the Platform;

Referrer Ranking Tiers: refers to ranking tiers calculated using Accumulated Trading Volume of Active Referred Users that entitles Referrers that have achieved a ranking tier, certain commission percentage on trading fees;

Trade: means an Order that has been matched, fulfilled or executed on AAX Platform;

Trading Fees: refers to trading fee schedule for spot and futures trades on AAX;


1.The Promotion Period shall commence from 2020-03-03 and shall remain in force unless notified by AAX (“Promotion Period”)

2.Your participation in AAX Tribe Programme constitutes your acceptance of these Terms. All participation instructions and information published by AAX form part of these Terms. These Terms shall be read with AAX Terms f Use, and Privacy Policy .

3.You undertake that you are a registered AAX User, at least 18 years old and are an individual with full legal capacity and if you are participating on behalf of an entity that you have the necessary capacity and authority to agree to these Terms. You also undertake that you are not a citizen or member of AAX Restricted Jurisdictions.

4.You may participate in the AAX Tribe Programme as a Referrer by generating a unique referral code for each account though the Campaign Page hosted on AAX website, which may be shared by the AAX Users that you wish to refer (“Referred Users”). Referred Users must meet eligibility criteria in Clause 3 and AAX Terms of Use.

5.Your referral code, when entered by your Referred Users entitles you to receive a commission in the form of a percentage of discount on the Trading Fees of every single Spot and Futures trade made by your Referred Users and also their Referred Users. You are entitled to the commission on trading fees related to executed Trades or executed portions of partially fulfilled orders only and not on orders that are cancelled or unfulfilled.

6.AAX takes no responsibility for incomplete or incorrectly submitted Referral Codes or for any delays or failures in any telecommunications service or equipment that result in the Referral code not being applied. The total number of referred users and rewarded commission are available on the campaign page and The records of Trades by your Referred Users are available on the Tribe portal after logging into your account. Commissions once applied to trading fees may not be reversed, refunded or paid out in any form whatsoever. In the event of any disputes, information contains in AAX Records shall prevail.

7.The percentage of commission that you will receive shall be based on your Referrer Ranking Tiers that shall be determined by the number of your Active Referred Users and the Accumulated Trading Volume of such Active Referred Users. The Referrer Ranking shall be reviewed by AAX every month. In the event of a change in your Referring Ranking Tier, the applicable revised commission shall be payable with effect from the 1st day of the following month.

8.All Referred Users shall also be entitled to benefits such as a discount of 10% on Taker Fees related to futures trades for the first three months.

9.In the event of any malicious trading activities, market manipulation, wash trades or any manipulation are detected in relation to a Referrer Account, AAX reserves the right to rollback or debit the amount of commission from the Referrers Account into which the commission was credited or from any beneficiary account which AAX, at its sole discretion, determines to be implicated.

10.AAX reserves the right to vary, extend, terminate and/or cancel this offer or amend these Terms at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice. In the event that you have concerns or complaints, Referrers may contact AAX Customer Support and AAX decision in relation to any disputes raised by Referrers or Referees shall be final.

11.Benefits and rewards may be subject to income or other taxes. Such taxes and all disclosures related thereto are the sole responsibility of each Referrer

12.In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.